Fly over the castle of Breteuil


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Fly over the castle of Breteuil
but also the castle of Dampierre, Ronqueux and the abbey of Vaux en Cernay
At the heart of the Chevreuse Valley, discover from the sky the Château de Breteuil as well as several other private castles, beautiful houses and the abbey of Vaux en Cernay. To fly over them by helicopter is a magical sight! You leave for an unforgettable exploration during this helicopter flight!

Your detailed baptism
• You have an appointment at the airport Toussus-le-Noble for your first flight. You are welcomed in our offices and exchange with our professional pilot.

• The pilot explains the stages of the flight, which you will be able to admire from the sky. He introduces you to the helicopter from which you are flying and gives you the safety instructions. You board the cockpit and are almost ready to take off!

• Equipped with a helmet, you are quickly transported in the sky of the valley of the Loire. The pilot comments on the flight, showing you the castles and remarkable sites that you fly over.

Castle of Dampierre
Castle of Ronqueux
Abbey of Vaux en Cernay
Castle of Breteuil
• The time has passed (about 20 minutes), it’s time to reach the mainland. The pilot lands gently to close this aerial escapade.

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