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Marmion Aviation is a helicopter airline and flight school located in the Center Val de Loire region at Tours Airport (37), the Loire Airport, the Blois-le Breuil Airfield (41) and south of Paris to Toussus le Noble (78).

Whether you are flying for the pleasure of the views, to discover the fabulous castles of the Loire, for your business trips (public transport or hull rental) or to obtain your private helicopter pilot license, our priority is your safety, security and comfort.

Get onboard a Robinson R44 or Airbus EC120 Colibri for your helicopter pilot flight training and your private pilot training with our flying school and professional pilot instructors.

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- Our Superb Recommendations on TripAdvisor! -

Icon Unforgettable flight!

A fantastic time, Tom is very pro and very kind. Despite weather problems, we managed to make this flight. To see our daughters (and we too, for that matter) come back with full stars, it was only happiness. A big thank you to them.

– Véronique180812, TripAdvisor
Icon Flight at sunset!

Perfect - Tom is caring and very pro. We had a great time. I recommend 100%. Thank you.

– Cloë A., TripAdvisor
Icon Overview of the castles of the Loire!

The weather was with us that day. The young pilot was brilliant, cautious, precise and rigorous. We landed smoothly, smoothly. The circuit performed was largely up to our photographic expectations. The Touraine seen from the sky is even more beautiful. We recommend this helicopter and its pilot.

– Patoch77100, TripAdvisor
Icon A memorable moment!

I was offered a flight of 30 minutes above the castles of the Loire. I was not disappointed with the trip. The pilot, Tom, was charming, welcoming and ready to answer all our questions. The flyover was magical, the scenery is beautiful. One downside: it was far too short in my eyes. :)

– Lulu37390, TripAdvisor
Icon Formidable moment!

An exceptional initiation flight with Cédric, the pilot, who makes you live an unforgettable moment. Appointment before the end of this year to relive this experience.

– L. L., TripAdvisor
Icon An hour's tour of Loire Valley chateaux!

Our flight over an hour was great. The staff is very welcoming, very good experience. I recommend Marmion Aviation.

– Eurotech47, TripAdvisor