Air freight / Air works



In order to best meet your freight transport needs, we can use our fleet of helicopters to deliver packages, parts, tools, a team.

An urgent need to unlock a production line, participate in a meeting of any importance, … think of the helicopter that can deliver quickly quickly deliver what you expect.

Our responsiveness and flexibility make it easy to waste time and deliver freight on time. We can hang the freight as close as possible to its point of departure and land directly at the destination.

fret aérien en hélicoptère Marmion Aviation



Marmion Aviation offers you various specialized air activities such as:

Video Shooting Surveillance and Aerial Shooting

Aerial photography over a built-up area requires a request for an overflight exemption in the prefecture and a delay of 20 days.

Shooting in airport areas requires a request for authorization (5 working days).

travaux aériens hélicoptère Marmion Aviation
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