Public transport


The freedom to create your own flight

Marmion Aviation is well aware of the crowded agendas and heavy time constraints that can weigh on managers in their perpetual race against time. This is why Marmion Aviation has come up with an innovative service, the helicopter taxi.

Each Marmion Aviation customer can create their own flight and itinerary, saving them precious time, and allowing them to arrive directly at their final destination. No more changes, no more queuing, and fewer checks and red tape.

You can make a journey in one day that would be impossible with traditional airlines.

A supple and reactive air service:

Marmion Aviation offers a fully personalised service and a team who will do their best to quickly find the best solutions for your professional and personal travel.

The helicopter taxi waits for you. You decide the departure and arrival times. We can adapt to timetable or destination changes.

We can also deal with airport transfers, vehicle hire and hotel bookings.

No more stress. We take care of everything so that your journey is as comfortable as possible.

Safety guarantee:

Marmion Aviation, like all major airlines, has been approved by the DGAC (Directorate General of Civil Aviation).

We adhere to very strict specifications to ensure that our flights are as safe as possible. We are a small helicopter company with all the talents of a much larger organisation. We offer personalisation and more.



When you want to deliver a package quickly, don’t wait, contact us. Our responsiveness means that no time is wasted and your package will be delivered on time. We can land directly at the recipient’s location.



From our base at Tours airport, we can take care of your colleagues as soon as they leave their planes. They board the helicopter to be conveyed to their final destination. With the benefit of our handling service, we promise to welcome you in the best conditions and receive your luggage without wasting time.

We remind you that our car parks are free.



Marmion Aviation offers various air activities, such as:

  • Video shooting
  • Aerial surveillance
  • Aerial photography
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